Old New Year!!!

4:50 AM / Posted by Linda McGregory /

There is a tradition in Russia to celebrate New Year's coming two times a year - according to both Gregorian and Julian calendars. The Old New Year's day, coming on the 13th of January, is a very popular holiday in Russia.

The most famous symbol of this holiday is vareniks (boiled dough with filling, which is usually smashed potatoes). We cook vareniks with surprises - some special ingredients we put into every varenik. Every ingredient denotes something that may happen with a person this year. There are the following ingredients:
  • salt denotes misfortunes

  • sugar - luxurious life

  • pepper - hard life

  • cotton wool - smooth life

  • raisin - career growth

  • a gold ring - a wedding

  • a key - a new flat

  • thread - a journey

and etc.

How did my family celebrate The Old New Year
My mother and I secretly put "surprises" into vareniks. After they were boiled we served a table: red wine, some salads and the king of the table - a dish with vareniks. Every person chooses vareniks himself or herself. Then, breaking a varenik carefully in two pieces, we find out what there is in. The dinner on the Old New Year's Eve is very cheerful and funny. This year is not an exception. My husband and I found a thread which means a journey, coins denoting wealth and buttons meaning new clothes.
My father and mother were not so successful. Father, making a wry face, was chewing a peppered varenik and my mother - a salted one.
Happy Old New Year to you all!