The First Open Championship for cabbage throwing

1:14 AM / Posted by Linda McGregory /

Last weekend in Yekaterinburg was marked with the First Open Championship for cabbage throwing which took place in the Central park of recreation and entertainment. More than 800 people participated in it.
The Championship lasted about 2 hours during which the participants threw heads of cabbage to find the strongest sportsman.
The most adroit and strong was Michael Dolgikh, a 22-years old mounter from Yekaterinburg, who threw a cabbage 39 meters. He won a prize of 300$.
«Besides, Michael Dolgikh became an absolute record-holder of Russia for cabbage throwing। The previous record was settled on the 18th of February in Chelyabinsk। It amounted to 31,2 meters and it is 7,8 meters shorter», - the sponsors of the Championship say.

And in the Kirov park in Pyatigorsk the Third Open Championship for valenki* throwing took place. The local newspaper reported that the number of persons wishing to throw valenki grew up day by day. And results are getting better. However, sometimes valenki flow up in the wrong direction. The difficult point is a special aerodynamic peculiarity of these shoes, because of which the valenki do not keep to the trajectory. Besides, this year there was a heavy snowfall which prevented the valenki from smooth flying.
The strongest valenki-thrower was Gennady Kapustyansky. He threw the valenki 42 meters।

Syktyvkar is a city in which valenki-throwing is also popular. This year there were more than 300 participants. Every person wishing to throw valenki could participate, choosing a suitable valenok** for throwing. The citizens of Syktyvkar passed through the accuracy test. They aimed to hit the mark with a thrown valenok. Next year the participants will try to throw valenki at a distance.

*valenki - an old Russian hand-made winter footwear, together with lapti it were the first shoes which appeared in Slavian Russia.
**valenok - singular from valenki