Russia tests vacuum bomb

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The military authorities declared that a new kind of weapon – a vacuum bomb – has been successfully tested.

The bomb was tested in September 11, Tuesday. “Effectiveness and potential of the bomb can be compared with those of nuclear armaments”, says Alexander Rukshin, the Deputy Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation. One more advantage – the vacuum bomb doesn’t pollute the environment. In 2003 the USA tested the analogue of the air bomb, and later it entered the service of the USAF. But, the vacuum bomb, created in Russia, exceeds the American analogue in 20 times. America called their invention “mother of all bombs”. Russia echoes – we got “the father of all bombs”.

A new kind of aircraft bombs, as the military authorities state, will replace low-powered nuclear armaments and it will help to solve the problems of national safety more productively. Moreover, the invention of the bomb doesn’t break any international agreements.

The main charge of this kind of weapon is high-calorie fluid fuel (ethylene oxide). When a bomb meets a barrier, it explodes and the fuel is sprayed and turns into gas, which forms aerosol cloud. As soon as the cloud reaches the particular size, it is blown up by the special grenades, shooting up from the bottom of the bomb. The pressure of the cloud is high enough to hit the objects, vulnerable to air-blast. Gas-masks cannot help, even isolating ones.

First the vacuum bomb was used by the Germans in 1943, when they sank a battleship “Roma” in the Mediterranean Sea. Later it was used by the Americans in Vietnam and by the Russians in the Caucasus.



Comment by Scary Website on 3:46 AM, September 12, 2007

Why choose Sept 11 to test this bomb? That's a bit unnerving isn't it? Perhaps this is an attempt to intimidate other countries by testing on such a ssignificant date.

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