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Guarantee letter
The Church of Our Saviour in Syktyvkar (city located in the north-eastern part of European Russia) undertook the responsibility to municipal authorities to apply to the God for solution of city’s financial problems. This obligation is made in writing.

Translation of the text.
Guarantee letter
The Church of Our Saviour, Syktyvkar, issues this Guarantee letter on account of debt discharging for heat energy supplied to the Church by OJSC “AEK Komienergo” – the subsidiary of “Energosbit” company.

Syktyvkar, 24th of October, 2001

The Church of Our Saviour, Syktyvkar guarantees to pray to the God in order to pay off the monetary debt for heat energy in the amount of:
100.000 rubles – for November, 2001
463.000 rubles – for December, 2001

God bless you!

Presbyter of the Churche of Our Saviour I. P. Kobzar
Church festival No. 666
City hall of Kursk issued the document No. 666 concerning celebration of Seraphim Sarovskiy’s jubilee. The mishap was noticed by the authorities only when the document had already been filed. According to the authorities it is impossible to change the number. The document concerns financial arrangements connected with the celebration of the 250th birthday of Seraphim Sarovskiy. “I think it was made on purpose”, said priest Anatoliy – the superior of the Sergius-Kazan cathedral. “Somebody decided to spoil the festival. Let that sin be on the head of that person. God sees everything".
Magic icon
Ancient icon “Sudarium” which has been exhibited in Hermitage for many years and has become known as magic can really influence the human health. The first interesting fact concerning the icon was connected with the museum custodian whose post was near the icon – the woman felt leg weakness, headache, and pressure boost and finally she refused to seat next to the icon. Currently the icon is in the storage place. The physicist Viacheslav Gubanov says that it is not icon’s fault that people feel unwell being next to it. Sudarium radiates energy which makes human brain vibrate at high frequency. Not every person can stand that. Most likely the icon was purposed for the elite but not for broad masses. There is no mysticism, only physics. Super-high-frequency radiation forms “biofield” of every living and lifeless object. When a person approaches the icon it determines his/her brain radiation frequency and direction and adjusts them so that to overcome some disease or any other problem. The faithful call that a “miracle”.
Professor Pavel Goskov says: “The older the icon the more powerful its energy. We made some experiments with icons. In front of the icon we put a glass of water for charging during 10 minutes. Then the wheat grains were watered as by ordinary so by charged water. The results were always the same: the grains watered by charged water grew and were developing much better. Also we took two copies of the icon: one of them was old and the other – new”.
Eduard Zimin invented special device for high-frequency radiation measuring. According to the scientist such radiation is everywhere but most devices can not detect it. The icon was put close to the sensor developed by the scientist and in 12 minutes the radiation from the icon increased by 15 Hz. When the icon was attached to the chest the radiation frequency of the person increased by 33 Hz. “This is very good as high-frequency radiation presupposes life: the higher the frequency the more vital force you have”, says the scientist.
Willy-nilly polyglot
After faint the dweller of Anapa (city in the south of Russia) Natasha Beketova began to speak 120 languages, among them are Swahili, Farsi and ancient dialects. Natasha is now 23 and she is a saleswoman. Several years ago it was even difficult for her to study German at school. Once the teacher shouted at the girl during the test and Natasha fainted. When school nurse came the girl had already regained consciousness and started speaking unknown language. All teachers came running to the girl and English teacher recognized Old English speech. Natasha said that her name was Bonny Ann Mcdonald, took the pen and wrote: “Don’t shout at me”. The girl was taken to the hospital where she was examined and let home. It turned out that Natasha had really forgotten Russian and for three days she tried to remember it with the help of ABC book. However instead of Russia 120 languages appeared in her head: Old Chinese, English of Shakespeare period, Mongolian, Old Japanese, Arabic, French, Latin, Italian of Renaissance period, Thongho, Etruscan, Vietnamese, Korean, Spanish and so on. Linguists found out that the girl speaks dead languages of the nations which do not exist any more: suamu, hokko, uavualu, the language of Polynesian tribe ngoba which lived in the 6th century B.C.
Natasha went to Moscow Academy of Science where she worked with linguists, philologists, translators and orientalists. They asked Natasha to translate text of different periods and didn’t know what to say because the girl easily translated inscriptions made in rare dialects. “Most likely the faint evoked Natasha’s so called “forememory”, says Professor Tatjana Grogorieva.
Natasha has her own opinion. She thinks that 120 languages are her 120 lives. She describes her life in medieval Japan, in England of 17th century and in France where she had been Napoleon’s soldier who died from bayonet stab. According to Natasha in the last but one life she died from typhus in 1920 in Germany.

A couple of funny pictures

Under which thimble will the world be?

Phrase on the house “Thanks God”



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